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Business Objectives

Through innovation, City of Choice will become a top global destination brand.

Empowering People

City of Choice Travel & Tours aims to create a sustainable business that will be in the ideal position to create meaningful and fulfilling jobs for individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Historically Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Our company seeks to transform this challenging industry by Leveling the playing fields and allowing travel companies from historically disadvantaged backgrounds to increase their market share.

Skills Transfer and Mentoring

This can be done by creating strategic partnerships with travel companies who are receptive to skills transfer programs and mentoring initiatives, we will leave behind a legacy of empowered people.



Economic Sustainability
Create strategic business partnerships & Joint ventures innovative products. Good market standing and productivity
Job Creation
Worker performance and attitudes HDI anagement development and performance
Skills Development & Skills Transfer
In service Programmes Mentorship and Empowerment
Social Responsibility
Community based initiatives