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03 Oct 2011

The newly released Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey 2011 lists the world’s most popular destinations as voted for by 11 620 respondents from 23 countries. The US, the UK and Japan came top of the list.

Top destinations for SA travellers in the next two years are likely to be the UK, the US and Mauritius, says the survey.

Twenty per cent of global respondents said they were likely to travel to the US for leisure in the next two years, the UK came second with 19%, followed by Japan with 16% and France and Italy both with 15%.

Claire Olverman, head of Cross-Border Business, Africa, Visa, says: “It is no surprise that one in five people say they are likely to visit the US in the next two years. The competitive exchange rates preceding the survey would have helped make the US an even more appealing destination to international travellers. The UK was cited as the second favorite destination. The upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games could be a pull factor and it is an indication that sport tourism is proving to be a growing attraction for today's travellers."

The survey shows that the global average spend for trips taken in the past two years (US$1 481) has risen to US$1 895. On average, South African respondents spent US$2 178 on their last international trip and are looking to increase their travel budget to US$2 637 on their next trip.

Global respondents on average are planning to make four international trips in the next two years, with 11% more respondents intending to travel in the next two years, compared with the last two years. Most global travellers indicated they intended to spend an average of 10 nights on their next vacation.

Source: Travel Today - News & Specials


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